Argentario yacht charter - a hidden gem of Tuscany

Argentario yacht charter

argentarioExplore the wonderful open-air museum offered by archipelago of Tuscany, which is also the largest protected marine area in Europe. Discover unspoilt bays with fine sands, swimming in the crystal - clear sea and visiting the beautiful fishing villages, where you can try the specialities of Italian cuisine,  shop choosing Italian hand-made objects or luxury brands. In addition, Argentario yacht charter is the perfect for diving and snorkeling, thanks to its rich seabeds housing lots of different species of fish. Rocky cliffs with little beaches and coves, fine sandy tombolos, nature at its most wild and untouched, a beautiful lagoon and the sea lapped by waters of the Tuscan Archipelago: this is the Argentario. With a choice of wonderful ports such as Porto Ercole, Porto Santo Stefano, Cala Galera - all offer all services required to welcome motoryacht, sailing yachts and superyachts and their guests.


divingThe seabed along this stretch of coastline, with its different scenery, is among the most beautiful and unspoilt in the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous places for diving, providing different itineraries, each with its own attraction and originality.
A network of specialised  diving  centres  along the coast enables both professionals and amateurs of this sport to dive to varying depths to admire the ecosystem of the Mediterranean.



saturniaFamous  region  for  its  baths  and  terms, the presence of spas is well documented since ancient times. Today, Saturnia, near Manciano, is a well-known and accredited spa, although there are also other smaller spas and baths  in  the  area. The  Baths  of  Saturnia, known since Etruscan times, the establishment is  constructed on top of the stream of sulphurous  water  which  originates  at  a  depth  of  200  meters at a temperature  of  37°. Sitting on top of a water stream, 200 meters depth, you will be sure to have the greatest and natural way of relaxation.


Argentario is  known  as  the  main  island,  surround  by  two  exquisite little islands, Giglio and Giannutri. Both islands are part of the Tuscan Archipelago, the largest marine park in the Mediterranean: amazing diving spots for sea lovers.

giglio2Giglio island

almost totally made of granite, the island lies uninhabited for the majority of its territory. Known for her crystal clear, emerald waters, sandy beaches and beautiful coves. Take a walk around Giglio Campese, a town bordered by a sandy beach, an impressive cliff Faraglione and an imposing tower built by the Medici. Of course, you should take advantage of the Southern  winds  and  enjoy  some windsurfing and sailing, as well as some scuba diving.

Finally,  from  the  Bay  of  Campese,  witness  some  of  the  most  spectacular  sunsets over the island of Montecristo, Elba and sometimes even as far as Corsica.


Giannutri island 

a tiny, half-moon shaped island at the extreme southern part of the Tuscan Archipelago. Its  coastline is rocky and rough, interesting are the many caves along its coast. The most famous is Cala dei Grottoni on the extreme southern side of the island.

Here flora and fauna of great beauty and interest dominate the wild nature, especially in springtime, when the island explodes in colours, becoming a picture of incredible beauty. The island boasts indigenous tropical plants (wild orchids, palms, euforbias)  and it is not unusal to meet Dolphins and turtles!



Tuscany boasts some of the best wines in Italy. Among red, teh famous Chianti and other wines such as Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile Montepulciano from Orcia Valley; Morellino di Scansano, Montecucco, Monteregio di Massa Marittima and Bolgheri Sassicaia. For those who prefer lighter white wines, you will find your true passion in Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Ansonica and Galestro. Worth a taste!


porto ercolePorto Ercole

A  small,  charming  town with four impressive forts which were built during the 16th century by the Spanish dominate above, but along the marina you will find a beautiful Promenade with pretty shops, lively cafes and Italian seafood restaurants. Nearby there are also magnificent sandy beaches with clear blue water. The scenery is stunning, your Captain can organize a lovely trip to Maremma natural park, historical sites to visit, hikes, horseback riding.

charter-nawaimaa-06Where to dine 

During your Argentario yacht charter be sure your Chef will prepare Amazing meals from fresh local ingredients, but we have some suggestions for dining ashore in this beautiful area:




Il  Pellicano,  PORTO  ERCOLE 
Chef  Sebastiano  Lombardi
15min  drive  from  Porto  Ercole  &  30min  drive  from  Porto  Santo  Stefano

Chef  Enrico Bartolini
1h  drive  from  Porto  Santo  Stefano  &  Porto  Ercole

Chef  Valeria  Piccini
1h  drive  from  Porto  Santo  Stefano  &  Porto  Ercole

All’Acquacotta,  SATURNIA 
Chef  Alessandro  Bocci
1h10  drive  from  Porto  Santo  Stefano  &  Porto  Ercole

Il  Silene,  SEGGIANO 
Chef  Roberto  Rossi
1h40  drive  from  Porto  Santo  Stefano  &  Porto  Ercole


Marianna Accurso