Pontine Islands yacht charter

ponza2 - CopiaPontine Islands yacht charter - lie off the coast between Rome and Naples, and either of these airports offer a great international connections to start your amazing yacht charter holiday. These delightful Italian islands, with a long history, attested by Roman ruins and cave-tombs, the islands are still little-known to international tourists, which has its positive aspects. With lots of authentic Italian atmosphere, great views and a range of activities, this is an ideal destination for a yachting holiday.

Ponza island: the main destination, around 5 miles long. In fact the island is famed for its grottos, which were created by the Etruscans. It has a handful of beaches, but is mostly made up of a rocky coastline which is perfect for exploring by yacht and perfect for diving activities.

Ventotene Island: is 22 nautical miles south-east of Ponza and is much smaller, less than two miles long. This island is more suited to those looking for some serious peace and solitude. The island's Roman port was dug out of the volcanic rock. In 2009, archeologists announced the discovery of a "graveyard" of five ancient Roman ships in the deep waters off Ventotene, with their pristine cargoes of olive oil, garum and metals.

Palmarola Island: is smaller and almost uninhabited. There's a small landing-place for boats and a restaurant. Make a stop and take a look at the grottos excavated by the sea, admiring perfectly transparent waters.

The green isle of Zannone is a nature reserve, and also the site of a ruined monastery, built in 1213. The remaining island is little Gavi, which is private and inhabited year-round only by wild rabbits.

As well as swimming and sunbathing, the islands offer heaps of opportunities for yachting and diving. There are restaurants and bars for the evening entertainment, while pleasant daytime hours can be spent exploring the islands' landscapes, ruins and breathtaking view, all topped by perfectly transparent Mediterranean Sea. We have a vast selection for a perfect charter holiday - super yachts, luxury yachts, motor yachts and catamarans - yours is the choice!

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Sightseeing Tips in Ponza:

  • Ponza's Botanical Garden
  • Beaches: Chaia di Luna, Le Forna, Le Felci, Santa Maria, Frontone
  • Various Caves (Grotta Azzurra, Grotta della Maga Circe, Grotta di Ulisse, Grotte di Pilato)
  • Grotta di Serpenti: an underground maze of tunnels built by the Romans, much of it blocked off for safety reasons.
  • natural saltwater swimming pool in Le Forna.
  • Faraglioni di Lucia Rosa (Rocky shoals)
  • Cala Fonte Natural fisherman's harbor, swimming on the north side is interesting.
  • Blue marino cave: a cave where the seals where used to find cover.
  • Cala Gaetano Beautiful sea colors, nice variety of fish during the spring time are visible.
  • Forte Papa: An ancient fortress used to defend the island from Saracens attacks from the sea.