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Be amazed by the Amalfi Coast, where stunning villages are glued onto hillsides, picturesque towns, their narrow streets with monasteries and churches. Deemed by UNESCO as an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape. Amalfi Coast charter with our yachts - the blue of the sea, the green of the Mediterranean maquis and the perfume of citrus fruits spreading out over terraces creating one of the most beautiful itineraries in Italy: the Costiera Amalfitana (the Amalfi Coast), which consist of little towns, visit them all:

Positano is a true paradise, developed vertically - streets, alleys and shops that expose the colorful Positano fashions well-known all around the world. Along ancient paths and mule tracks you’ll find lemon groves, vineyards and olive trees and wonderful places to sample them.
Ravello, a pearl of the coast is Ravello, an elegant and refined village, dipped in green and characterized by luxurious villas. The heart of Ravello is represented by Piazza Vescovado, framed by the architecture of Palazzo Rufolo and the Cathedral with its magnificent portal and 10-feet-high bell tower.
Sorrento: historical home of poets, writers, sculptors emphasis is also home to numerous small beaches. The town straddles the cliffs overlooking the water to Naples and Mt Vesuvius.
• Out in the water in front of Sorrento, we find Capri, a name practically synonomous with beauty itself.
Amalfi: Between the rocks and the water, this ancient seaside towns rich in history and traditions with its timeless beauty. Italy's oldest maritime republic, symbol of the Amalfi Coast, continues to enchant visitors just like it did in the days of the Grand Tour.
Maiori and Minori: home to the splendid Villa Marittima Romana, an ancient roman villa considered to be one of the most important monuments on the whole Amalfi Coast.
And don’t forget that this epicurean route filled with countless edible treasures – not only is the world's undisputed best pizza made in Naples or the world’s best coffee qualities are present in the Naples territory or is it the home of gelato, spaghetti and mozzarella- but each village on the coast has its traditional cuisine and specialized recipes.

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