Porto Ercole yacht rent - a day charter

Porto Ercole yacht rent - a day charter

giglio2Porto Ercole yacht rent -  be ready to experience a unique yachting holiday. Explore the wonderful open-air museum offered by archipelago of Tuscany, which is also the largest protected marine area in Europe. Discover unspoilt bays with fine sands, swimming in the crystal - clear sea and visiting the beautiful fishing villages, where you can try the specialities of Italian cuisine,  shop choosing Italian hand-made objects or luxury brands. In addition, the Archipelago is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling, thanks to its rich seabeds housing lots of different species of fish:

Not to miss also Porto Ercole yacht rent for one day: we have a selection of beautiful yachts to charter for an unforgettable day in Tuscany area.

This is our suggestion for a day on a yacht :

charter-tiuna-019 am boarding the Yacht and leaving the port

Arrival to the Island of Giannutri, breakfast (stay there a couple hours): Giannutri is a tiny, half-moon shaped island at the extreme southern part of the Tuscan Archipelago. Its  coastline is rocky and rough, interesting are the many caves along its coast. The most famous is Cala dei Grottoni on the extreme southern side of the island. The island boasts indigenous tropical plants (wild orchids, palms, euforbias)  and it is not unusal to meet Dolphins and turtles!


For lunch, head to the Giglio Island: Almost totally made of granite, the island lies uninhabited for the majority of its territory - here flora and fauna of great beauty and interest dominate the wild nature, especially in springtime, when the island explodes in colours, becoming a picture of incredible beauty.

Known for her crystal clear, emerald waters, sandy beaches and beautiful coves.

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In the afternoon the crew will take you to discover Isola Rossa, a tiny beautiful Island, to have an aperitif onboard.

In the end of the day, the yacht will head to her homeport, for disembarking around 8pm.





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