Sailing in Croatia - a beautiful destination - 5 Tips

Sailing in Croatia - our 5 Tips

hvar Sailing in Croatia, savage and preserved,  offers excellent conditions of navigation, beautiful sea and climate.  With its 5800 km of coastline, during these years made Croatia one of the top yachting destinations. Islands, islets, cliffs and reefs of which only 50 are inhabited, makes her an amazing destination for a yacht charter. One of the benefits of cruising in Croatia is that you can visit a large number of places in a very short time. Croatia is famous for its beautiful cities and islands: Dubrovnik, Split, Korčula, Vis, Brač… A lot of national parks that will leave you speechless.

Mljet-7Activities to do: Walk to canyons, jet-ski, dive, kayaking to the waterfalls, visit the spectacular towns, make a wine tour in Korcula, walk through the walls of Dubrovnik and climb to the top of the bell tower in Split. Sail and enjoy the clear Adriatic Sea during the day. At night, enjoy the magic of the place where you are anchored.

Food: All the time during your trip, you have the opportunity to enjoy top Croatian specialties. When you are on board, the chef will serve you the best of Croatian dishes and when you are on the mainland, you have the opportunity to visit the best restaurants and drink awarded Croatian wines. The food throughout Croatia is fabulous—lots of fresh fish and Mediterranean flavors. 

charter-crossbow-08Best time to sail: While the sea starts off pretty cold, it gets warm by early July and is at its warmest in late August. The best month of the year to charter in Croatia is September—yachts are cheaper than in July and August. The weather is still amazing, the sea is warm and the crowds have reduced.

Anchorage: Chartering a yacht in Croatia is often more about the anchorages than the ports, but we would definitely recommend spending nights in Hvar, Korčula Town, Trogir and Dubrovnik. Berths are relatively easy to obtain, the toughest being Hvar—in July and August as it’s where everyone wants to be.

korcula-top-7-things-not-to-miss-1-lItinerary: Our suggestion if you have only 7 days: cruising from Split to Dubrovnik or vice-versa. Eventhough often repositioning fees will apply, this allows you to see all of Croatia’s most celebrated islands and the fabulous cities of Split and Dubrovnik. The distances involved are short, so usually there will only be an hour or two of cruising each day and plenty of time to enjoy each destination. Experienced captains will take you to the most coveted bays, to the best swimming spots or to visit the most interesting places. While sailing in Croatia you will see a lot of  islands and cities, swim in hidden bays that are often unavailable from the land, in a magical atmosphere, pampered by the crew all day long.


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