Sardinia and Corsica yacht charter: a great combination


Sardinia and Corsica yacht charter - a great combination

of 2 amazing islands

sardegnaSardinia and Corsica yacht charter: wonderful crystal-blue sea, excellent cuisine and typical Mediterranean climate. Discover a combination of these 2 islands onboard a yacht: may it be power, sail, catamaran or gulet - whatever is your preference, we can satisfy your request with a right selection. Sardinia is charterer's paradise, one of the most important yacht charter locations in the Mediterranean, a synonim of emerald waters, luxury, elegance, chic ports and nature's beauty. Corsica, a perfect mix for guests coming to visit her: nature, culture and history combined with gourmet restaurants and designer shops. Experience both of these islands, during your charter!

Separated only by a narrow gap of water, these two islands – along with the smaller islands of Lavessi and La Maddalena islands lying just offshore – offer the best of both, Italian and French, worlds.

40% of Corsica is dedicated to nature preserves, including the Reserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio which stretches into the sea on her Southeast coast. Apart from Calvi, Bastia and Bonifacio cities, Corsica is more nature-focused, with a slower rhytm than nearby Italian Sardinia.  Its rugged coastline offers fewer – but still amazing – hidden coves and pebble beaches, limestone and granite cliffs and very good diving on both coasts. Like most of the Mediterranean, the Sardinia and Corsica yacht charter season generally is from April to the mid - October.

charter-castellina-13Enroute south to Sardinia, absolutely not to miss is La Maddalena archipelago, which lies in the Straights of Bonifacio between Corsica and Sardinia and has a mixed French-Italian dialect all its own. The Maddalena Archipelago is made up of 7 small islands offering  to hike, swim, snorkel and enjoy watersports before the glitz and glamour of Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda.

A combined cruise in Corsica and Sardinia will delight travellers looking to mix it up a bit with tastes of both France and Italy, and opportunities for both living it up as well as resting, recharging and getting away from it all. It really is the best of both worlds! Check out our suggested itinerary for a Sardinia and Corsica yacht charter below.

Suggested itinerary: Tavolara - Caprera island - Corsica - Maddalena archipelago

sardegna2Day 1 Tavolara Have a pleasant cruise reaching the Tavolara island. Nearby you can find also islets of Molara and Molarotto, which belong to the Tavolara Marine Protected Area - Punta Coda Cavallo, a paradise for scuba divers. You can put at anchor in the bay of Spalmatore (excellent backdrops for anchoring), right in front of a beautiful beach, you can swim and enjoy a fantastic view. If you are lucky, you can get a a glimpse of passing dolphins. In the evening you can eat in a nice local restaurant.

charter-miss kulani-05Day 2 Tavolara - Caprera The Island of Caprera is part of the Maddalena Archipelago, connected to La Maddalena Island with a bridge. It is a Natural Reserve. All around pink granite rocks paint a wonderful landscape. Cala Coticcio is on the eastern side of the island, small and narrow like a fjord. Southeast is Cala Brigantina, a narrow bay protected by the rocks. South you must see Punta Rossa, the beaches of Cala Portese, Porto Palma and l’isoletta del Porco. In the northen area there are wonderful (unaccessable by land) beaches like Cala Napoletana, Cala Serena and Cala Caprese. A must see, the House of Garibaldi, today a museum.

bonifacioDay 3 Caprera - Bonifacio Corsica, a beautiful French island that perfectly combines with yachting in Northern Sardinia. Cruise to Bonifacio (Corsica), admire the charm of its narrow streets leading to the Citadel. Fascinating entry to the harbour,  perched on limestone cliffs above the Mediterranean, the ancient fortress is one of Corsica’s most captivating places. Remember you will be in France and you can find the “baguettes” and the “crêpes” and all teh other delicacies. Corsica's landscape and white-sand beaches have the distinction in the Mediterranean of being mostly unspoilt by development.

budelliDay 4 Bonifacio - Island Budelli Budelli is part of the Maddalena Archipelago, famous for the legendary “Spiaggia Rosa” (“Pink Beach”). Its clear turquoise waters, vegetation, purple rocks and a unique rose-coloured beach makes it the pearl of the La Maddalena archipelago, scattered between Sardinia and Corsica. Bright pink, orange and salmon-tinted bits of crushed coral, crystals, fossils and dead marine creatures such as microscopic prawns’ skeletons cover the beach, giving the shore a sparkling strawberry hue similar to that of the sun when it starts to set.

charter-clovis-45Day 5  Island Spargi - Razzoli - Santa Maria Spargi island, uninhabited because of its granitic and rugged nature, with few coves and countless sandy bays. Among them Cala Corsara, one of the most beautiful, from there you can cruise along the eastern coast, finding many small bays (Cala Soraja, Cala Granara, Cala Conneri, Cala Canniccio, Cala Petranera) till Cala Grano, where you can get ashore. Through a small street you can reach the fortification of Punta Zanotto. One mile North, the Washington Reef, a unforgettable place for diving.

sardegnaDay 6 La Maddalena (Cala Gavetta) - Pevero bay La Maddalena lies in famously shimmering waters, clear and with a range of blue and turquoise. There are many fine sand beaches, some of them romantically isolated. Cala Gavetta, the port town where you can find all kinds of shops, restaurants and pizzerias. An enchanted place, inside an inlet that, since ancient times has welcomed the sailors. Pevero ia a beautiful bay, just behind the marina of Porto Cervo. The landscape is a fable, two beautiful sandy beaches, on the hill the famous Costa Smeralda’s villas with their green gardens.

Day 7  Disembark

Some other ideas for an itinerary:

  • Olbia –Cala di Volpe  (Costa Smeralda area) - Bonifacio - La Maddalena - Pevero bay - Porto Cervo - Olbia
  • Olbia - Caprera - Porto Vecchio (Santa Amanza bay) in Corsica - Cavallo Island - Lavezzi island - Bonifacio - Maddalena - Tavolara - Molara


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