Cuba: Old-world aura, rhythm of salsa, endless crystal waters…

cubaCuba yacht charter: Cuba is an endlessly fascinating place. The archetypal tableau of revolutionary rhetoric, breathtaking beaches, classic cars gliding past faded colonial buildings and a population who dance on an endless ribbon of salsa and rum, and for those prepared to dig beneath the dazzling surface, Cuba relinquishes so much more. Any visit should include Havana – but Cuba does have other urban centres. Second city Santiago De Cuba, at the island's south-east edge, is an elegant metropolis with Spanish architecture every bit as impressive as the capital's. Pinar Del Rio, out in the lush green mountainous west of the island, is a key centre of the cigar industry. Trinidad, in central Cuba, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Varadero, which sits on a peninsula just off the north coast, is Cuba's main resort. Brash and modern, it feels astonishingly removed from 'the real Cuba', considering that it lies just 100 miles east of Havana. However, there is no faulting its beaches and nightlife, and if you are visiting Cuba in search of fun and relaxation, this is the place. The archipelago is composed of a principal island, and multiple “Cayos” and rocky islets. With its favorably warm climate year round, steady winds, unique natural beauty and open-minded, friendly people, Cuba goes beyond any sailor’s dreams. The island also has a reliable nautical infrastructure and offers so many fascinating things to enjoy in its crystal waters: you can go scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, cruising as well as enjoy various beach sports. Cuba’s stunning variety of landscapes, mixing mountains, agricultural valleys and endless sandy beaches, make it a fascinating destination for sailors and other visitors.

  •  Climate: Subtropical
  • Currency: Cuba Dollar
  • Temperature: 25-30° C
  • Rain season: June-September
  • Dry season: November - April
  • TOP Destinations: Cienfuegos, Varadero, Trinidad, Maria la Gorda, Los Flamencos
  • The best period for a Yacht Vacation: dry season, from November to May