The Côte d'Azur -  French Riviera: Glitz and Glam


The Côte d'Azur -  French Riviera : In the 19th century the Riviera was the favoured destination of Europe’s crowns (Napoleon III, Queen Victoria and the Tsar) who flocked to Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo  in winter. Later, during the 30ties, the Riviera became a fashionable summer destination, symbolised by the famous little port of Saint-Tropez. Principality of Monaco, independent since 1861, with its world-famous casino, luxury hotels and numerous beaches, gardens and museums. Monte Carlo has arguably one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. What makes it so spectacular? The dramatic cliffs and the multi-million dollar mega-yachts. Enjoy your holiday cruising around chic areas of French Riviera and Monaco or in those typical of Provence (islands of Porquerolles and bays of Cassis). There are all kind of yachts available for cruising in this area to suit best your requests – just let us know your wishes and we will find you the right yacht.

If you prefer to discover another Mediterranean pearl, an island, - choose Corsica! An animated island, past and present, the island has been French since 1768. It enjoys a special constitutional status. Corsica has excellent beaches and if you, like most of Corsica's visitors, are there in the summer many of your activities will center around the beach. Beside sunbathing and swimming almost every beach offers opportunities to snorkel. Some more popular beaches will rent windsurf boards and kite-surfing boards. Scuba diving is available, particularly at popular beaches near islands and in major towns.


  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Currency: Euro
  • Temperature: 20-30°C ( from May to September )
  • TOP Destinations: Cannes, St.Tropez, Isle Porquerolles, Bays of Cassis, isle Heyères, Corsica, Monaco
  • The best period for a Yacht Vacation: May - September