Turkey: Where East meets West


Turkey yacht charters

Explore Turkey, the land where East meets West, a country that teeters between modernity and age-old tradition. When you set foot in Turkey, you are surely following in the wake of some remarkable historical figures. Turkey has hosted A-list history-book figures including Julius Caesar, who famously 'came, saw and conquered', and St Paul, who criss-crossed the country. Byzantine Christians cut cave churches into Cappadocia's fairy chimneys, and Ottoman sultans luxuriated in İstanbul's Topkapı Palace, ruling an empire that stretched from Budapest to Baghdad. At other points in history, Romans coursed down the "Curetes Way" at Ephesus (Efes), medieval Armenians built Ani's churches, whirling dervishes gyrated with Sufi mysticism, and the Lycians left ruins on Mediterranean beaches. Turkey has around 8000km of coastline and it is a synonym of a turquoise waters and bright sun. Noted for its fine beaches and stunning mountainous scenery, Turkey’s southwesternmost shore has long been dubbed “the Turquoise Coast”, thanks to the hues of its horizons and the sea. Despite much recent development, many attractive coves and islets remain inaccessible to vehicles, so yachting is the best way to discover country's hidden treasures. Turkey gives the possibility to navigate in its waters 6 months a year. Your yachting holiday in Turkey will definitely be a fantastic experience and one of the most popular boat types charted in Turkey is a Gulet. The Gulets are a  traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessels that offer  e very comfortable cruising. Large cabins, sunbathing area and a comfortable open air dining area greeted by a professional staff will ensure for the guests a total comfort and relax, combined with 5 star service.

  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Currency: Lira
  • Temperature: 18-35°C (from April to September )
  • TOP Destinations: Marmaris, Göcek, Bodrum, Gulf of Fethiye
  • The best period for a Yacht Vacation: May, June, September, October; the heat is not that strong and there is a less flow of tourists.