Ionian islands yacht charter - suggested itinerary

Ionian islands yacht charter - suggested itinerary

Ionian islands yacht charter - suggested itinerary


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Ionian islands yacht charter - organize your next holiday discovering these beautiful Greek islands. 

Their excellent climate, wonderful beaches, a rich cultural offer and protection from the meltemi wind make Ionian yacht charter one of the preferred holiday destinations.

You can change your itinerary as you wish, together with your Captain, day by day. This is our "suggested" itinerary, starting from Corfù.


charter-memoriestoo-05Your crew will welcome you aboard in the picturesque town of Corfù. From Venetian fortresses and British mansions to grand royal palaces and fine French arcades- a walk around the Old Town of Corfu is like taking a mini- stroll through Europe! Full of appealing villages with pretty painted houses and excellent beaches, the island has plenty to keep the anchored seafarer entertained. With the passage of time the island may have changed, but we can still feel the spirit of a distant glorious past. Its rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments, its stunning natural landscape, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round.


greek foodOnce you have had your fill of Corfu, the stunning island of Paxos awaits. According to Greek mythology, Poseidon separated Paxos from Corfu with his trident to create a love nest for him and his wife Amphitrite. Cruise alongside the dramatic Emritis Cliffs along the northwest coast. Anchor in a quiet cove or take the tender ashore to the buzzing beaches. Enjoy the amazing food prepared by your Chef from fresh local ingredients.



Lefkada-Lighthouse-1329055547The precipitous cliff of Lefkada (The White Cape) juts dramatically into the sea, pointing towards distant Cephalonia. On the site of the lighthouse once stood a temple to Apollo. The capital reflects the island's history, of Venetian influence in its dignified churches and houses. The 13th century fortress of Santa Maura tops sandy beaches where windmills and trees seem to rise straight from the open sea. Your Captain will suggest you the best swimming spots to enjoy for a relaxing swimming or spend some active time enjoying yacht's watertoys.


meganisi greeceThe strait between Meganisi and Lefkas is one of the loveliest channels in the Ionian with the high precipitous slopes of Lefkas on one side and the lower more gentle slopes of Meganisi fringed by a beach on the other. The Northen side of Meganisi is characterized by several natural harbors and  enclosed bays. Most of the bays are ringed by olive and cypress with clear blue water – a combination that makes them popular with yachts, offering little more solitude outside of July and August. On the SW coast of Meganisi, on the “tail” of the island, there are a number of caves and also some fishing to be had around this part of the island.


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Off the northeast coast of Cephalonia lies the island of Ithaca, mythical birthplace of Homer’s hero Odysseus. So cruise to Homer’s Ithaca. Its laid-back character, emerald waters and lush greenery make it perfect for relaxation. Apart from enjoying the yacht, watertoys, sunshine and delicious food, take a visit in the town - resonant with ancient folklore, explore the cave of the Nymphs, the fountain of Arethusa, and Odysseus’ palace. Early evening step to the tavernas that line the bijou ports, the crew will suggest your the most typical ones to enjoy an evening ashore!


argostoliThe largest island in the Ionian is Cephalonia. A well-known capital and central town of which is Argostoli considered one of the busiest ports in Greece. In ancient time it was part of the kingdom of Odysseus and evidence at archaeological sites mentioned by Homer have been found. The ruins of most interest are those at Krani. A very extraordinary and memorable experience you can have is by visiting the Koutavos Lagoon, where you can see a feeding ground for the Loggerhead turtles.

Usually known and called “Zante”, Zakinthos is the 3rd largest island in the Ionian sea. Famous for the worldwide awarded beach “Navagio”, a cove on the northwest shore isolated by high cliffs and accessible only by boat, Zakinthos is indicated for both family and sailing vacations. Take some time and walk around the city of Zakinthos which is also the capital of the island, walking through a picturesque pedestrian area of cafes, bars and restaurants busy during the whole year, to enjoy your last evening of your Ionian islands yacht charter.

DAY 8:  Disembarkation  12:00

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