Luxury Yacht Charter guide - Mediterranean

Luxury Yacht Charter guide - Mediterranean

Luxury Yacht Charter guide - Mediterranean


charter-2lady-amandaOnce you choose the yacht, we will prepare and send you a Charter Agreement detailing the yacht, your chosen dates, location, cruising area and cost. Booking procedure implies that upon signing this Agreement the first payment, normally 50%, is due. We will also send you a detailed questionnaire requesting information on your travel arrangements, food/drinks likes and dislikes, special requirements, etc (Your preferences). We call this the "Preference Form".

Balance payment is due 1 month prior your embarking. That is when *APA (ADVANCE PROVISIONING ALLOWANCE) is sent to the Captain, so the yacht can purchase provisions in advance ready for your arrival and book berths in your indicated ports.

*This is an advance payment to pay for all your expenses occurring during your trip. It is estimated at 20% of the charter fee for sailing yachts or 30% for motor yachts due to higher fuel consumption. A.P.A. funds are used to pay your drinks, provisioning, any transfer services, mooring fees, fuel, etc. At the end of the charter, the captain will present you all the accounts and receipts and advise about any remaining balance. Any remaining amount will be refunded to you in cash or via bank transfer after viewing and accepting the final A.P.A. statement with signatures from both you and the captain.


Every charter-blush-01charter yacht is fully equipped for charter. You only need to bring your personal possessions/medications.

Yacht charter is generally an informal and relaxed kind of holiday, bring bathing suits, cotton shorts, T-shirts, an extra sweater for cooler nights. Of course, you might also like to have the option for more elegant dining and eveningwear. Rubber-sole shoes for a firm grip on slippery decks, to prevent injuries and to protect the boat's surface is always recommended. Soft luggage instead of bulky space-consuming suitcases is a must. Bring also your favourite music - yachts have bluetooth connection!


We eliminate the guesswork for you when it comes to planning the itinerary for your luxury yacht charter. We will consider your requirements down to the finest detail, and together with your Captain we will prepare a charter plan that meets your desires. Please be flexible. Your captain and crew are familiar with the local cruising grounds and weather patterns. Trust in their guidance when planning an itinerary and understand that plans may change. Once you arrive at the yacht, you will discuss your final itinerary with your captain. He will have the latest weather report and can suggest the best feasible itinerary under the current wind conditions in order to have a smooth, fun, relaxed and most importantly, safe yachting experience!


charter - 10• Did you enjoy your time on board?
• Did the boat/crew fulfill your expectations?
• Did you enjoy the food?
• Were you happy with the service provided?
• Were the captain and crew always polite?
• Did you feel safe on board?

If you were satisfied, you can show your satisfaction by tipping the crew. Gratuity varies between 5% to 15% but is entirely up to you.

Thank you for choosing us and happy holidays on board!

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